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VisitorVille: Traffic Flow Analysis

Understand which paths the majority (and minority) of your visitors are taking through your web site!

Using the VisitorVille Traffic Flow Analyzer, you can easily see the various paths that visitors take through your site, and how popular each path is.

VisitorVille Traffic Flow

You can select any page that you monitor with VisitorVille, and analyze the traffic path starting from that page; having that page as part of another path; or ending (exiting) at that page.

You'll instantly learn whether visitors are taking the paths you want them to take. Where confusion or "traffic jams" occur. And more.

Navigation problems that were invisible up to now are revealed to you, allowing you to take action to correct and improve them.

VisitorVille's Traffic Flow Analysis is just one of the many features available to VisitorVille members.



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