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VisitorVille: Spider Analysis

See which spiders and robots visit your site; which pages they index; and how often they come

Search engines have automated page crawlers called "spiders" that automatically visit and index your web pages. Knowing which spiders visit your site, which pages they index, and how often they do so is critical to optimizing how (and even if) your site is being indexed by important search engines. VisitorVille's Spider Analysis gives you that information.

Key Features

  • A complete list of the spiders that have visited your site
  • Number of pages indexed by each spider
  • Date of last visit
  • Spider Transcripts -- a full record of which pages were indexed, arranged chronologically by spider visit
  • A separate report detailing page popularity, by spider -- listing how many times each spider has indexed each of your pages.
  • Ability to graph, save and print all reports

Spider Analysis is included in your regular VisitorVille membership. Get enterprise-class insight today!



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