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VisitorVille: Click Analyzer

Understand visitor behavior from click to cart!

Using the VisitorVille Click Analyzer, you can easily see how visitors navigate through your site; and which links are effective (or ineffective).

VisitorVille's Click Analyzer shows where your visitors click

Key Features

  • Intuitive, browser-like interface.
  • Link stats superimposed over your actual links.
  • Full integration with Google and Overture ad reporting.
  • Display click percentages, visitor numbers -- or both.
  • Compare click activity, on any page, for any two time periods. Perfect for A/B analysis.
  • Traffic flow analysis.
  • Instant charts help visualize click trends.
  • Detailed summary for each page, including navigation paths, search terms, and more.
  • Infinite date range selection, plus real-time click monitoring.
  • Fully integrated with VisitorVille's other features, at no additional cost.

Click Analyzer displays your web pages exactly as they appear, and automatically shows the percentage of visitors who clicked on each link. You can see links being clicked in real time, in response to activity taking place in this moment; or you can view this click analysis for any range of hours, days, or months in the past.

VisitorVille's Click Analyzer shows where your visitors click

You'll instantly learn how visitors respond to each of your pages, and how effective your links are. This knowledge will help you reposition links, change link text, and then test your changes in real time!

Not only that, but you can analyze click activity on any page for any time range you specify! This is perfect for performing A/B analysis.

The Page Summary in the sidebar provides you with further page-specific intelligence, such as two series of navigation paths -- to this page, and from it; search terms used to reach this page directly from search engines; average time spent on this page both by regular visitors, and by those brought by specific search engines; and page exit rate.

The Click Analyzer is included in VisitorVille at no extra charge. Get enterprise-class insight today!



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